From NGO to Social Enterprise

Why this course
Many not-for-profit organisations are looking for ways to enhance their sustainability, diversify their income sources and become less dependent on external funding. One route is social entrepreneurship, i.e. making products and services available directly to those who need them but still be driven by the mission to effect change and create a social impact. Social entrepreneurship combines a market orientation with a social purpose, generating both financial and social revenues.

Course objectives
By the end of this course, you will:
 Understand what a social enterprise is: characteristics, elements and the differences with an NGO
 Understand the what and how of a social enterprise: business models, value proposition, financing streams and outputs
 Learn a step-by-step approach to transforming (parts of) your NGO into a social enterprise
 Learn how to complement an enterprise approach with a domestic support raising (DSR) approach
Course agenda
Day 1:
 Introduction to social enterprise development; what is a social enterprise?
 The organisation of a social enterprise: the what and the how
 Steps to a become a social enterprise; the road ahead for your organisation
 Identification of partners, clients and financers
Day 2:
 The social enterprise business model: from a mission to a value proposition
 From beneficiaries to clients: researching market opportunities
 The role of the public in your organisation: accountability as a competitive advantage
 Exercise on your own organisation
Day 3:
 Social enterprise financing streams: financers and investors
 Financial growth projections of your social enterprise ideas
 Domestic Support Raising: non-financial sustainability methods
Day 4:
 Organisational readiness: communicating your vision
 Change management and organisational restructuring
 Action planning and formulating your business case
 Certificates, end-of-training evaluation, closure.

Registrations end: 18 June 2019
Date: 25-28 June 2019
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Course fee: €870 (excl tax)
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