MDF Asia - CHANGE MANAGEMENT, 23-26 July 2018, Bali, Indonesia

Leading change means creating clarity, transparency and predictability for those who will be affected. It also means you need to create space for establishing trust, which can be negatively affected in the change process, and to invite others to commit themselves and contribute, and have a sense of ownership of change.
This course provides you, particularly leaders/managers playing a significant role in a change process in their organizations or community, with a practical overview of the different steps and approaches to leading and managing change in your organisation, institution or environment.
• Review different perspectives to change: role of leadership and change agents.
• Understand the change cycle and how to implement it in a change process.
• Understand the process of communication during a change process.
• Discuss how to create trust, commitment and ownership of the change.
• Practice dealing constructively with resistance to change.
• Create a change management plan.
This course is for professionals responsible for leading and/or supporting organisational change processes. It is also useful for managers/ consultants providing funding or technical support to an organisation undergoing change processes, or external consultants involved in change processes.
Day 1
Introduction to Change Management
Understand the oganisational change cycle
Day 2
Learn how to communicate change
Understand the motivations for change
Day 3
Learn how to organise the transition
Day 4
Learn how to implement and consolidate change
Elaborate action plan
Dates/Location: 23-26 July 2018, Bali, Indonesia
Course language: English
Course fee: EUR 830 including training venue, lunches, refreshments, materials and certificate, excluding 10% tax
Discounts: 10% for MDF alumni; 01 free place for organizations sending 6 staffs on the same course
For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at; Phone number: +84 (0)24 6258 4438

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