MDF Asia - Corporate Sustainability partnerships, 5-8 November 2019 in Bali, Indonesia

Why this course
Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability, Social Responsibility… Different phrases aiming for one thing: sustainable growth and development of the private sector with a positive social impact. But what does this mean? How can the private sector aim for a positive social impact, and how can civil society organisations (or governments) be part of that? This course aims to untangle the various definitions and explain the concepts, the processes of designing a corporate sustainability strategy and how civil society organisations, private sector organisations and governments can become a partner in the design and implementation of meaningful corporate sustainability programmes.

Course objectives
By the end of this course, you will:
 Have a better understanding of the different concepts and principles of corporate sustainability
 Understand corporate sustainability planning processes and how different partners can get involved
 Understand the principles, the benefits and the success factors of corporate sustainability partnerships of the private sector, civil-society and government
 Understand the principles of sustainability reporting, different formats and the roles of different actors
Course agenda
Day 1:
 Social Responsibility, CSR, Corporate Sustainability; definitions, concepts and context
 The 3 Responsibilities and the role of the Sustainable Development Goals
 Modes and types of corporate sustainability interventions: different stages of engagement
 Strategic organisational goals and identity: the business sense of corporate sustainability and partnership for social impact
 Organisational readiness. Organisational corporate sustainability scan: from vision to values to strategy to culture
Day 2:
 Corporate sustainability programming: design, stakeholder engagement and ISO 26000
 The Social License to Operate, the Materiality Index and the Maturity Matrix
 The Theory of Change and results framework
 Developing KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and SDI’s (Sustainable Development Indicators)
Day 3:
 Partnerships for corporate sustainability and social impact: why, with who and how?
 Identifying your key non-negotiables and your USP’s
 How to approach and talk to each other as private sector and civil society: your ‘sales pitch’ and the do’s and don’ts
 Competencies in partnership management: how to focus on the win-wins
Day 4:
 Corporate Sustainability reporting: principles and methods
 Formats: GRI and the Australian Performance Framework
 The various roles of civil society and governments in corporate sustainability reporting
 Your organisational readiness: what will you focus on to create a corporate sustainability partnership? Action planning

Registrations end: 28 Oct 2019
Date: 5-8 November 2019
Location: Bali, Indonesia (BKK?)
Course fee: €870 (excl tax)
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