MDF Asia - Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, 12-15 March 2019 in Yangon, Myanmar

Why this course (max 70 words)
All development projects need constant tracking of progress to capture essential quantitative and qualitative changes. Do you need to design a systematic way to collect, analyse and use data - so that genuine learning by all actors can take place?
This course teaches you five practical steps to design M&E systems. It shows various monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools. Always practical and easy-to-use, so you can design a system completely customized to your needs.

Course objectives (max 5 bullet points- 70 words)
By the end of this course, you will:
 Be able to apply the five steps to design MEL systems
 Know how to design and use indicators and progress markers
 Understand the benefits of digital data collection and have practices digital tools
 Be able to apply the core steps of Most Significant Change technique
 Be better prepared to design and learn from evaluations
Course agenda
Day 1:
 Opening &, introductions
 Introduction to PCM, RBM and M&E
 Intervention logic and Theory of Change
 Assessing your Logic: Risk assessment

Day 2:
 M&E systems and purposes
 Information needs
 SMART indicators
 Progress markers
Day 3:
 Data and Information Collection Tools
 Digital data collection
 Analysing, presenting and reporting
 Most Significant Change
Day 4:
 Evaluation concepts
 Evaluation criteria
 Learning organizations
 Action planning, course evaluation and closure

Registrations end: 4 Mar 2019
Date: 12-15 Mar 2019
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Course fee: €870 (excl tax)
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