MDF Asia - Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, 26-29 November 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand

Why this course
All development projects need constant tracking of progress to capture essential quantitative and qualitative changes. Do you need to design a systematic way to collect, analyse and use data - so that genuine learning by all actors can take place?
This course teaches you five practical steps to design M&E systems. It shows various monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools. Always practical and easy-to-use, so you can design a system completely customized to your needs.

Course objectives
By the end of this course, you will:
 Be able to apply the five steps to design MEL systems
 Know how to design and use indicators and progress markers
 Understand the benefits of digital data collection and have practices digital tools
 Be able to apply the core steps of Most Significant Change technique
 Be better prepared to design and learn from evaluations
Course agenda
Day 1:
 Opening &, introductions
 Introduction to PCM, RBM and M&E
 Intervention logic and Theory of Change
 Assessing your Logic: Risk assessment

Day 2:
 M&E systems and purposes
 Information needs
 SMART indicators
 Progress markers
Day 3:
 Data and Information Collection Tools
 Digital data collection
 Analysing, presenting and reporting
 Most Significant Change
Day 4:
 Evaluation concepts
 Evaluation criteria
 Learning organizations
 Action planning, course evaluation and closure

Registrations end: 18 Nov 2019
Date: 26-29 Nov 2019
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Course fee: €870 (excl tax)
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