Since the running of the story, youthful Dr Michelle's homestead has reportedly been swamped by HIV/Aids victims from all over the World. Due to the large numbers of people in need of her services, the traditional healer, who is based in Johannesburg-South Africa, has decided to make life easier for those people are infected with HIV/AIDS. "I have a duty on earth and that involves helping people so I want to make sure that all those people that are sick are healed. When I do that that I would have fulfilled my duty," She said.
The traditional healer is available from Mondays – Fridays."If anyone wants to see me, she said” Dr sarah said she was struggling to contain the numbers of people who were visiting her.
"I have not been sleeping properly for a number of days because the people that I am attending to are just too many but I shouldn't complain because I am fulfilling a duty so people should not hesitate to come and see me," she added.
The healer however, appealed to her clients to watch out for con men.
"People should be on the lookout because there are some unscrupulous individuals who would want to enrich themselves at my expense. If anyone encounters problems they should phone me on 0799196969 (if you are calling from outside South Africa use +27799196969

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ဆက္သြယ္ရန္လိပ္စာ : +27799196969 Email,
ဆက္သြယ္ရန္ဖုန္း : +27799196969
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